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2:20:41 pm Wednesday 24th April 2019
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Services : Design for realtime

Ventuz is a real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software. It is designed for high-end use in any area of audiovisual content production. Be it professional presentations, video wall setups, multitouch applications or broadcast graphics, Ventuz guarantees finest design paired with robust stability and full functionality, even when integrated into complex hardware and software systems.

Ventuz is truly unique on the market of real-time 3D visualization. Not only does it offer a multitude of possibilities to create compelling content with complete freedom of design, but additionally it presents an intuitive workflow that does not require any programming skills. This results in a broader variety of markets and companies using high-end 3D visualization to bring their data and information to partners and customers in intriguing ways. From product launches to exhibition booths, from live TV events to digital signage networks, from interactive experiences to large-scale show projections, Ventuz is the perfect tool to create astounding content.

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Details of all Ventuz software can be found on the Ventuz website Ventuz Website