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10:52:50 pm Wednesday 17th October 2018
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Remote Screen Shaping

The shaping engine is part of the Ventuz Runtime/Presenter. The Shaping Editor can activate warping and soft-edging, and then edit all parameters and grids in real-time. Usually one would use a small laptop to run the Shaping Editor and connect over network to the Ventuz Presenter or cluster of Presenters. Most common operations while editing can be done with keyboard only, and a user interface overlay can be switched on in the Presenter. This lets you shape while looking at the projection, not the laptop's display. Warping is done by defining a grid. By default, a 2x2, 3x3 and 5x5 grid are automatically created, called Layers. All layers together are called a Group. It is possible to add additional layers if more control is required, or to add new rows and columns to an existing layer.